Submariner Model 7923

Submariner Reference 7923

The Reference 7923 Submariner is perhaps the most unknown reference in the Tudor Submariner collection. It's mere exsistence has been hard to prove. Only few have ever seen one. Until lrecently they were considered prototypes or "frankenwatches" however recent finds show them clearly described in Rolex/Tudor service catalogues, and grouped with the 7922 and Rolex 6536/1.

4-5 of these watches has surfaced online. The charchteristics of the watch is quite similar to that of the 7922. It has a manual wind movement. Cal. 1156-1188 which is unique for this model. The movement has been an enigma for collectors, but recent research (Tom Vox, VRF) shows that the movement is most likely an ETA based 10.5" 1156. 1188 is assumed to being the internal tudor reference for the modified movement.

TUDOR Submariner reference 7923. Photos by SUBGMT.COM

TUDOR Submariner Reference 7923. Note the old style caseback with serial # engraved.

TUDOR Reference 7923. Crown most llikely replacement. Perhaps Brevet crown would be original or large +. Photos by SUBGMT.COM

TUDOR Submariner Reference 7923. Wide bevel. Original Bezel and insert. Photos by SUBGMT.COM

TUDOR Submariner Reference 7923. Photos by SUBGMT.COM

TUDOR Submariner Reference 7923. The only manual wind Submariner - ever. Photos by SUBGMT.COM

The dial offers the classic radium dial design similar to it's sisters. MK 1. dial sports a miniature Tudor Rose inside a shield, of course gilt printing and inner track. The SWISS writing at six o clock is of the same color as the rest of the dial printing and we have never seen these with a exclamation point dot under the 6 o'clock marker. There is no dept rating on the dial. And dial wise the watch seems to be close to the dial layout of the Rolex 6205 submariner. The dial layout and similarity to the 6205 is one of the confusing things about this reference. As the watch seems to be prior in dial layout and design to the 7922 - it seems odd that the 7923 has a later reference number than 7922 - when in fact a 7923 seems to be earlier than the 7922. The MK II dial variation (210.000+ serial range) offers a traditional Tudor Rose and a 3 line dial 100m / Submariner / Shock Resisting. Originally the MK II dials were thought to be replacement dials, but the large gap in the serial # ranges, more likely indicate two versions. Dials with Red Writing (MK II) has also been seen.